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An unsatisfactory day
— by yoyome yoyome
That day, as i woke up, my friends rang me up to shop together. I like shopping, so and not using a afterthought, I said yes and hurried to look

Within the afternoon, it’ too hot to be on shopping. So we took a shorter break in the tea shop. When it’s time and energy to pay the balance, I discovered my purse left in your own home, which made me feel embarassed in those days. But my pals asserted it’s leaving the purse at home is better than making your purse stolen. I felt somewhat better because of their comfort. Maybe the next occasion, I should be a little more careful and should guarantee that things are all ready before leaving the home.

When it’s time for you to go back home at night, I need to to call my mom ought to her to arrange the dinner to me.But after several big searches, I can not find my phone. I told myself it’s impossible to experience unhealthy things 24 hours a day. I searched the pocket of clothes inside and out all the time. Nevertheless it’s vainly.
While i was home, I had been blamed by my mom for lost my phone again. I felt tired, sad and bad.