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My favourite animal
— by yoyome yoyome
Dogs are my favourite animals. In my eyes, dogs are cute,lovely and adorable. I don’t know the exact reasons for my love of the dog. I just love and enjoy the feelings when I am with them. I love making friends with them, talking to them and sometimes playing with them. Nothing is happier than staying with them, my favourite dogs.
When the dog came to my home for the first time, I started to love him.. Slowly and carefully, I came closely to him. I touched him full of love, said hello to him and told him not to feel frightened at all. I showed my kindness to him and was friendly to him. Though it ‘s the first time I met him, I adored him very much. And I named him Xiaoxiong.
In the next few days, when we became friends and close, I often took him out to have a walk along the river or at the parks. When I was free, I would go out with my dog. It seemed that with him around, I dare to go out even at deep night.
Therefore, I love my dog.