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Pay attention to these jewelry
— by yuter yuter
Gold jewelry is a jewelry that both handsome and beauty like to wear. So everyone should pay attention when purchasing jewelry. Don't go to some informal workshops and buy them without any guarantee, so as not to be deceived. In particular, some people like to like to chase after small gains. Here's a reminder, like some places to buy cheap goods when traveling, and local unknown vendors specializing in the pit of foreign tourists. If you buy the fake, you can’t find the people back.
So which gold jewelry is easy to be cheated and not easy to distinguish? The following is the answer for everyone. The following jewelry should be paid attention to, it is easy to be pitted!
Inlaid jewelry: The price of inlaid jewelry is not something you can master. Some jewelry with inlaid styles can be priced at random. The price of the vendors in the mall can make you doubt the life. Is to trap you who do not know about the picture necklace jewelry. The price is tens of thousands, the cost is only a few hundred, it is really incredible to imagine. The inlaid style gold gemstone ring is made of ordinary artificial stone, not the natural one. It is impossible to use the gold inlay if it is a natural gemstone, and how many times it is turned into the gold.
Agate and jade: Agate jade bracelets and Hetian jade are very cheap in stall, they are some ordinary material personalized name bracelets. The price to the jewelry store can be expensive, and the cost price is so many times different. Anyway, buying it will certain a loss of money, you have escaped a pit, there is another pit, there is always a pit waiting for you. So if you don’t know how to choose, don’t buy it. If you know what the experts know, the merchant will not dare to fool you.
In addition to the above models, there are some counterfeit jewelry diamonds, high imitation diamonds, cottage diamonds, synthetic diamonds, moissanite, and zircons. There are a lot of special silver inlaid zircons, and the price is cheap to catch people’s greed. The above "two kinds of jewelry" should be bought less, many people do not know that, remember not to be greedy or covet little advantages, or suffer big losses. Go to the gold jewelry store in a regular place to purchase, keep the relevant documents in case there is a problem that cannot be solved.