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Why is K gold so popular
— by yuter yuter
  K gold is an alloy of other metals added to gold. It has high hardness, rich color and low melting point, making it ideal for jewelry. It is an alloy of 75% gold and 25% of other rare metals, usually imprinted as Au750 or G18K, all of which are k gold. And K gold is more rigid and more suitable for jewelry. Because K gold has a certain proportion of other metals besides gold, the metal types and proportions will have different colors. The yellow series of K gold jewelry (referred to as yellow K gold) is an alloy of gold and silver and copper. White gold and platinum are customarily called platinum, but we generally refer to white gold as platinum. Rose gold is a kind of fancy gold. It is also called red gold because of its reddish color.
  In fact, not everyone wears K gold will discolor, which is mainly different from person to person: related to the usual use of cosmetics, care products or sweat discharged by themselves. K gold discoloration only shows its original color, and the K gold jewelry can be restored by taking it to the store for a little maintenance. Avoid contact with chemicals such as bleach, perfume, etc., and avoid wearing K-gold jewelry when handling household chores; avoid placing K-gold my name jewelry with other jewellery to rubbing against each other.
Why is K gold popular?
First, K gold jewelry is more delicate
  In terms of design, gold is relatively simple and traditional with respect to K-gold jewelry. It is considered to be more old-fashioned; K-gold can give more ideas on design, and there are many style choices. Of course, the cost of design is also much higher than that of gold.
Second, the K gold process is more difficult
  The gold texture is too soft, can not withstand too delicate processing, mostly used to do traditional styles, such as dragon and phoenix bracelets, large engraved photo necklaces, large personalized photo pendant necklace and other styles are not easy to deform and damage; and K gold hardness is better, more ductile, suitable for doing complex craftsmanship, making fashion, exquisite and gorgeous styles.
  In the world of jewelry trends, K gold is the mainstream, Western fashion people are wearing a unique style and unique K gold jewelry to highlight their personal style; because K gold fashion has always been in line with the needs of contemporary young people, so in the status of the fashion industry has lasted for a long time, forming a popular style of wearing K gold jewelry.