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Having said that, what possibly is the nicest modification with this particular piece is the series of "steps" above and below the It is a design element that I feel should have been included in the original piece as well–and that is perhaps what best defines what a true improvement is. It highlights the tourbillon in a tasteful way that I find to be impressive both artistically and architecturally. To top it all off, the tourbillon stands on a sapphire bridge, making it appear as if it was suspended in the air. The replica Chanel J12 Chromatic is made available in yet another configuration, with what I would call a "deep sky" colored dial. The material used here is called paillonné enamel and it has been used for the dial, the bezel and even for some parts of the case itself. Enameling is an art all to itself, with dozens of various procedures that ultimately result in greatly different aesthetics. To create great enamel, one has to combine all the different techniques together in the right order and performed with great perfection, otherwise the dial can be ruined even at the very last step in the process of making it. With paillonné the blue enamel is enriched with tiny motifs or chips of silver which thereplica Chanel watches "shaved" from a block of silver. The particles are called paillons, and are added to the enamel when it is still liquid. Once the enameled components are past their 800 degree Celsius cooking, the tiny silver particles are to be revealed and brought to the surface. To do this, the dial has to be polished in a way that removes just enough material to better highlight the tiny silver particles, while not damaging the thin layer of enamel. How it is achieved on the surfaces of the curved and stacked "steps" leading to the tourbillon is something I would love to see in person! Finally, the case on its sides and in between the lugs, as well as the bezel are all engraved and pierced to create a pattern which is then filled up with matching blue enamel. The result is a Duometre á J12 which is all covered in beautiful blue enamel, and as such, which should always be handled with excessive care for the fragility of the material. The J12 proved to be the go-to complication in the Chanel J12 collection, as this is the third – and last – piece equipped with it. This time around it is a piece not be worn on the wrist but rather in one's pocket, and the "issue" this creates is perhaps not even obvious at first. The entire Chanel J12 collection is about blending less obvious, or rather, less often exposed in-house abilities with some of the trademark models of the brand.