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Things Everybody Need to Know about Baltic Amber Jewellery
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Baltic  amber jewellery  has been truly popular in Europe and currently well-known among parents in US and other countries all over the world too. Behind its beauty, there are many interesting facts everybody need to know precisely.


If you have ever seen the baby wearing amber teething necklaces and bracelets during teething stage, you probably assume that such cute and awesome pieces of jewelry are made of beads which do not have correlation with nature’s beauty. In fact, amber is the real representation of nature’s beauty!

Natural amber has been a part of ancient history. Ancient people had been using this fossilized tree resin for healing and even believe in its magic qualities. The color of amber ranges not only from yellow to orange. There are various colors to choose from.

The most beautiful part of amber is surely about the details and nuances. The unique thing about it is that you will never find the two (or more) exactly same amber. Each has its unique shape, color shade and inclusions. That’s why, you cannot find the two (or more) exactly the same amber necklaces or bracelets.

Until nowadays, amber is not only popular as teething jewelry. Its beauty can be found in the form of  adult amber necklaces  and bracelets. The more rare the beads, the more special and exclusive they would be. Amber is commonly more than 15 million years old, some are even as old as 250 million years old. So, anything younger than above-mentioned estimated age is not Amber. It’s called copal.


Behind the beauty of baby and adult amber bracelets or necklaces, there are plenty benefits people can get. Amber has magnificent healing properties called succinic acid (also popular as amber acid). The highest percentage of succinic acid ( up to 8% ) can be found only in Baltic amber, the amber mined directly from the shore of Baltic Sea.

Baltic amber is the best natural pain relief for many types of discomfort associated with dental issues, joint pain, headaches, etc. Besides truly popular as the great choice to decrease the pain associated with teething,  amber teething necklaces  are recommended for its good benefits in strengthening immune system.

For adults, Baltic amber works almost the same as it does for baby. By wearing adult amber necklaces and  adult amber bracelets,  someone could get the benefits of healing properties absorbed into bloodstream through the skin. In this case, succinic acid will help to boost body’s own natural healing ability as well as immune system.


Amber jewellery can be easily found on the web. However, it does not mean that all sellers offer good quality products. For the best benefits, choose only genuine Baltic amber. For the best designs and colors, you just need to find the ones fit your need and preferences.

Basically, amber jewellery are available in various colors, for example cognac, yellow, milky yellow, black, etc. There are three types of jewelry based on its shade, which are polished amber (glossy), semi polished (matte) and unpolished (raw). No matter which one you choose, all of them offer the same great benefits both for you and your teething baby.

Since there are no two (or more) same amber, you can be sure that you will never have the two exactly same amber necklaces or bracelets even if you buy two pieces.