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Colorful Coatings For Most Metals Rau-Tech Custom Rolex
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In fact, one of the primary reasons that rolex replica au does not authorize or endorse many of these custom watch projects is because they fundamentally alter the Rolex parts, including the cases and often the dials. If Rolex is selling a particular level of quality and finishing, much of that is altered by an after-market customizer. Customers interested in customizing their own watches or buying "new" customized watches are encouraged to inspect the quality carefully and be aware that the brands in many instances will not service or give issues to the people who own customized products. Like a car, if you modify your model, you can easily risk voiding your warranty. So let's just leave it that customizing your rolex Submariner replica au watch, be it a Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or Panerai (the three most common luxury brands to be customized these days) is a rich man's game, and not without its risks. It isn't for the typically cautious consumer and it should not be done to your most treasured timepieces. So let's say that after being aware of all this, you are interested in buying a custom or other timepiece. Traditionally, you have been highly limited by colors - until now. The purpose of this article - lest I forget - is to discuss the colorful coating options offered by Rau-Tech. There are two very important points here. First is that Rau-Tech can produce rather durable coatings in a range of never before offered colors, and second, that they can coat specific sections of metal, as opposed to entire surfaces. Rau-Tech separates these "procedures" into two distinct services. The first service is Rau-Tech Duramantan, which is when you want entire surfaces coated, and Rau-Tech Colormantan is where they coat only parts of surfaces while leaving some of the base metal exposed. Duramantan allows for different colors to be used, but only one color per each entire surface. Colormantan is for the more creative customization and allows for much more unique creations. While the example images of Rolex watches with the Colormantan treatment tends to show squared areas of color, in reality, there is no particular geometric or shape restrictions, and the client can opt for more or less what they want, if we understand Rau-Tech correctly. So why am I so excited by this? Well, for the longest time, PVD-style coatings have been limited to just a few dark colors - which are mostly black and gray. If you wanted a metal watch coated with another color, it would often need to be anodized aluminum, which is a rather soft metal and not as durable as steel.Of course, there are ceramic watches which are coming in an increasing variety of colors, but for the most part, entire ceramic cases are still mostly available in only black or white. While more interesting colors of ceramic including blue, brown, red, and orange are slowly becoming available, these are mostly limited to bezels and the colors are very difficult to get right.