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LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. A brazen burglar broke into a high school Monday night, ransacked several classrooms and got away with a safe. Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office are investigating a burglary at Tory Buchanan High School in Troy, Mo. He then ransacked classrooms and the principal's office before finding a key box and a safe. He pushed the safe from the main office to the basement, and then out to the loading dock to his vehicle. Police say the suspect left the school driving a grey or white minivan that may be a Dodge Caravan. under the name William Hopper.The track at Troy Buchanan High School is popular after hours for exercise."It's calm and peaceful," said Randy Tiefenthaler, who often uses the high school track.However, Monday night it was anything fake A.Lange & Sohne, but calm and peaceful around the school. Monday.Kristine Krumwiede was exercising right before the burglary happened."I didn't see anything other than the normal people walking and jogging," she said. "You do fear what could happen fake Tag Heuer Monaco, unfortunately troy has always been a small town and unfortunately you just have to be very careful these days.""It's a pretty tight knit community out here and we get the name and face out here, I'm quite certain they will catch him pretty quick," said Tony Mooney, resident of Troy.Ueltzen is described as being 5 feet, 9 inches tall fake tag heuer formula 1, 225 ponds, short brown hair, green eyes with a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, a tattoo on his neck that says "Riley," and could be carrying a .22 caliber long gun and a .357 magnum handgun.
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Story from: The Chinook Observer SOUTH BEND, Wash. It took a Pacific County Superior Court jury less than two hours to convict former Roseburg, Ore., businessman of aggravated first degree murder. More than 800 days have passed since Brush used a 12 gauge shotgun to kill Lisa Bonney, 45, near the north end of the Long Beach Boardwalk on a busy September afternoon. He has spent all those days behind bars. Now it is likely he will end his days in prison after jurors found he premeditated his crime. Aggravating circumstances will likely guarantee life in prison without possibility of parole. Tuesday, midway through the trial fifth day. that they were prepared to deliver their verdict. Brush, 49, who has sometimes wept during some past court appearances, maintained his composure as his conviction was delivered. Bonney family rejoiced at the delivery of justice after a long ordeal. Two expert witnesses testified most of the day Monday during the third day of the first degree murder trial of Brian K. Brush. Brush, 49, is accused of shooting his estranged girlfriend, Lisa Bonney, at the Bolstad Beach Approach in Long Beach on Sept. 11, 2009. The defense rested its case Monday afternoon, with closing arguments and jury deliberations commencing Tuesday. Brush did not take the stand in his own defense, but testimony by a defense psychologist permitted his attorneys to tell the jury his side of the story leading up Bonney death. Defense attorney Erik Kupka and his partner, David Mistachkin, began the day, questioning Dr. Christine Tellefsen, a forensic psychiatrist from Baltimore. She and Dr. Ray Hendrickson, a psychologist at Western State Hospital in Lakewood who was called by the prosecution, were the only two witnesses questioned Monday. Both doctors portrayed Brush as a troubled man who, over the previous two years before the slaying, had lost everything, including his million dollar boat building business in Roseburg, Ore. had been in his heyday, Tellefsen said. had his own TV program, a fishing and hunting show, an indication of how well he was doing. He was a celebrity in the boating world. that celebrity ended in disaster, she continued. had lost the company, disappointed his employees, he was estranged from his daughter, his marriage had failed, his mother had died, he had lost his house, he had no job, and he had lost his pride and joy his boat. Lisa was the only thing he had left in his life. continued, saying that on the day of the shooting, Brush had gone to the bank in Long Beach to sign away his boat, which his company built to his own design. He also was in danger of losing his home in Long Beach and had wanted to turn it over to the builder but needed Bonney permission to do so as her name was on the deed. didn want to do that, Tellefsen said. said that maybe things would get better. the day of the event, Tellefsen said Brush had taken his dog, Bailey, out to train him to hunt, firing his shotgun near the dog so it would not be frightened of the noise. He had devised a holder for the dog leash by slipping handcuffs onto the seatbelt of his truck and looping the dog leash through one end of the cuffs. After returning to his home, he had been distracted, she said, because Bonney had texted him and asked him to perform some chores in the yard of the home, and he had failed to put away his gun which she said was his usual practice instead leaving it in his pickup truck. Later, he asked Bonney to meet him at the beach approach, where there was a large crowd. Tellefsen said the two began to argue because Brush told Bonney that he wanted to give up their house and return to Oregon. objected to giving up the home, Tellefsen said, she became angry, demeaning Mr. Brush, calling him a and telling him to a man stood up, grabbed Lisa hand, and he says he can remember anything after that until he was in police custody at the Long Beach Police Department, she said, adding that during the argument he had told Bonney to quiet down because there was a woman with a baby passing by. was clearly aware of the people there, Tellefsen said. fact that he would do the shooting in front of all those people is astounding. Such bad judgment was shocking. said that after talking with Brush, she had determined that he was caught up in his emotions, he was unable to pay attention to anything else, had something like tunnel vision, she said, adding that during her career she has interviewed of people who have said they can remember anything about the crucial incidents. She said she had attempted to draw Brush out, questioning him many times about the incident but she nowhere with him. She said she eventually determined he was suffering from psychogenic amnesia. event was just too overwhelming for him to recall, she said, explaining that she has seen the same thing in combat troops who have undergone a trauma. Sometimes they never regain their memories of the event, she said. She said she had also diagnosed Brush with post traumatic stress syndrome, which is uncommon for someone who has seen someone he or she loves being killed. the shooting, Tellefsen said Brush had spoken with the police officers and has been in jail ever since. wasn doing very well in jail, she said. was depressed and was contemplating suicide. the time since the incident, Brush has been treated and evaluated three times at Western by Dr. Hendrickson and was deemed competent to stand trial by Pacific County Judge Michael Sullivan. While at Western, Brush had been administered several powerful anti depressent drugs and had returned to prison custody. Tellefsen said she determined Brush had been on a coaster in his relationship with Bonney, who had told him she wanted to get married, then told him she was leaving. couldn break away from her replica breitling Avenger, she said. friends and relatives told him the relationship wasn good but he couldn see it. similar to a battered wife who continues to return to her husband. Lisa was his life preserver in the rough seas of his life. At the time of the shooting, Tellefsen said Brush brain was pressure cooker ready to explode. Her diagnosis of Brush conditions was severe depression, obsessive compulsive personality disorder and narcissism, as well as intermittent explosive disorder. She said his ability to make decisions and concentrate was severely impaired and he had more and more problems controlling his temper. was depressed, angry and hurt, she said, wealth of emotions he couldn contain. said Brush had no history of physical violence before his presonal and financial problems began, running his mouth, she said, adding that he didn drink or use drugs. As to his narcissism, Tellefsen said, was the sun and all others were the planets. He had a big ego, he considered himself entitled, especially with women. That, combined with the PTSD and depression meant Brush been functioning normally for a long time, she said. After a lunch break, the jury returned to the courtroom and Tellefsen was cross examined about Brush problems with that had begun in earnest in 2007 after the death of his mother. Prosecutor Mark McClain asked about an incident about a month before the shooting when Brush and Bonney were arguing and she had locked him in the garage at their home and he had taken a hammer to her vehicle. was sort of an omen, of things to come, Tellefsen said. The police were called during the incident and Bonney was arrested and jailed for domestic violence, McClain noted. He also described a incident when Brush followed Bonney from Oysterville to another person home and began her, thinking she was having an affair. still had a grip on his emotions at that time, Tellefsen said. McClain continued to question Tellefsen about Brush during the incident and the fact that he continued to say he remembered nothing about it. Defense attorney Metashkin took over the questioning at that point, with Tellefsen saying that a person can become enraged and change his or her behavior completely. I see that a lot, she said. not uncommon. The series of events (during the shooting) took place in seconds. The actions were ones he had done many times in the past when he was hunting. It wasn novel behavior for him. It was automatic, like a reflex. When he was overwhelmed by the argument, he was acting on a reflex, not a thought, it just happened, a tsunami of emotion. When he hit the car with the hammer, it was an indication he was starting to lose control. Earlier, Brush had been trying to salvage the relationship, she said, she says over, and not a man. She gave him hope than it all came crashing down. defense rested at that point and McClain began questioning Dr. Hendrickson. Hendrickson, a psychologist at Western State Hospital, outlined his education history, saying that, besides his degree in psychology, he also holds degrees in chemistry and law and practiced as a lawyer for 31 years. He teaches at the University of Washington and concentrates exclusively on forensic psychology, he said, then described the instances when he evaluate and treated Brush at Western in November 2009, March 2010, May 2010 and November of this year. He said Brush most recent diagnosis was treatable symptoms of a major depressive disorder that was in remission with medication and had considerably. He also had diagnosed Brush with explosive disorder and PTSD and that he continued to experience nightmares, hearing people asking him for help. Hendrickson said those symptoms were related to his time as a police officer in Roseburg, when he was present at fatal automobile accidents, among other incidents. When McClain asked Hendrickson how the depression related to his condition, he answered that Brush suffered from anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure) breitling colt 44 replica, weight loss and other symptoms for some time earlier, after his mother death, his divorce and the loss of his business after the government shut it down. had always been so in control of everything, he said, when he wasn in control, especially of his business, it was very important to him. The symptoms are all related to incidents in his life. He wasn vegetative, he wasn incapacitated, he carried on. Hendrickson said that after the business failed and his house was foreclosed, he moved to Long Beach. was still able to act with intention to achieve a result, he said, example he called Miss Bonney and arranged to meet her at the beach approach. continued, describing the argument between Brush and Bonney, saying she had tried to leave vice versa, according to Mr. Brush. He turns around, gets the gun, aims, fires, pumps, fires, pumps, etc. Certainly with that, there was a perception of what he was doing, it was an intentional act. As for pre meditation, it would only have been for a second, to think about it. stalking incident with Bonney also was a goal directed act, Hendrickson said. McClain asked if Brush major depressive disorder clouding his judgment and impairing his impulse control would form a basis for diminished capacity, to which Hendrickson answered, his PTSD condition impair his ability to function? McClain asked. Hendrickson responded, the intermittent explosive disorder result in diminished capacity? McClain asked. possible it would exacerbate his other conditions, Hendrickson answered. not a yes or no answer. We have to look at each case individually in a universe of possibilities. It the symptoms that create the problems. asked Hendrickson about Brush condition after the shooting. He said he was tearful and non responsive, but that did not diminish his ability to form intent. Hendrickson then discussed Brush amnesia after the shooting, saying that Brush inability to remember the event is an example of psychotropic amnesia and also of intermittent explosive disorder. could cloud his memory replica tag heuer Formula 1 Chronograph, he said, because he doesn want to remember. then returned to the stand, with Mistachkin asking her if she agreed that Brush acted with intent. entirely, she said. have a gas pedal and a brake pedal. Mr. Brush was operating without a brake pedal. This is why I think he lacked the ability to stop his actions. It was always hard for him to control his temper and when he was depressed, it became even harder. the shooting pre meditated? Mistachkin asked. goes without saying, Tellefsen said. he left the bench replica cartier Tank Solo, he was on a roll. There were people around, cops, and a baby in a stroller. That didn stop him. He was oblivious. There was no containing him. asked her how many cases she had been involved with in her career. she replied. many times have the cases been similar to this one? Mistachkin asked. she said. Sullivan then dismissed the jury until Tuesday, when the trial began with Sullivan reading several pages of instructions to the jury, outlining possible verdicts, including lesser crimes of second degree murder and first degree manslaughter. Sullivan also described the aggravating circumstances included in the first degree murder charge, including cruelty. began his closing argument saying that the state had to prove to the jury that Brush with intent and pre meditation, resulting in the death of Bonney. There no doubt Bonney died on that date, he said, then produced the rifle used in the crime. Brush shot this rifle four times, he said. was an intentional act to kill Lisa Bonney. pre meditation, McClain said Brush a design to kill deliberately formed, however short. He goes back for the gun, opens the door of the truck, gets the gun and shoots it. Going back farther, he goes to the beach approach with the gun. He took his dog shooting in the morning and forgets the gun in the truck. Were the handcuffs found in the truck for the dog? he asked. was no dog hair in the car, no dog toys in the car, no evidence of a dog in the truck at all. Even when Mr. Brush was a policeman replica breitling Avenger, he didn carry handcuffs with him. He came to the beach to kill his girlfriend, knowing the relationship was over. Five witnesses saw him shoot her. He was going to handcuff her and take her elsewhere and kill her but had to change his plan. There was no evidence of a mental snap. also pointed to evidence found in Brush home of photographs of times and a wedding dress Bonney had purchased as well as two unused shotgun shells on the bar in the home. was going to take her back there and kill her, he said. He then tells the jury to fill in Verdict Form A of guilty of first degree murder with aggravating circumstances and domestic violence. Brush conduct manifested deliberate cruelty, he said. Brush knew he would kill that day, McClain said. fourth shot to Miss Bonney head was deliberate pre meditated murder. then presente closing arguments for the defense, saying to the jury that is a difficult case on a lot of levels. It was a tragedy, a horrible thing. No one should have to look at those autopsy photos, but you have to get at it and look at the case objectively. The facts are not in dispute, he said. real issue is why. It was a killing. That doesn mean it was murder. then explained the difference between first and second degree murder, intent, and a reasonable doubt to the jury. key is intent, he said replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph, then comparing the levels of expertise among the expert witnesses. isn an MD, he said, Tellefsen is. Whose opinion is more credible? pointed out that Long Beach Police Department Officer Casey Meling did not perform tests on Brush truck to determine if there was, in fact, a dog in the vehicle. there any evidence to indicate pre meditation? he asked. the state p;rove it? No. He was in a public place during Rod Run with multiple cops present. If it was pre meditated would he do it there in front of many witnesses? No. It makes no sense. The jury must decide. Tellefsen explained the Mr. Brush snapped, Mistachkin continued. Mr. Brush was suffering from major depression, intermittent explosive disorder and had suffered tremendous losses. He was isolated in Long Beach. He had nothing but Lisa. He was in a fragile mental state, a pressure cooker. She tells him to be a man and questions his decisions. That the snap. said Brush had owned the gun for 30 years and shooting it was a reflex after his many hunting trips. was no thought, he said, intent, no premeditation. A witness described him as to his surroundings after the shooting, which took less than 30 seconds. He didn think about it. Did he try to flee after the shooting? No. He turned and walked away aimlessly, throwing the gun down. He never remembered what he had done. went on to say that a recording of the extensive interviews with Brush after the shooting reveals Brush saying don remember over and over and crying. diagnosis alone is enough to prove severely diminished capacity. He was unable to form intent to commit a crime, he said. Mistachkin urged the jury to be objective and to evaluate the evidence carefully. you agree with Dr. Tellefsen testimony, you must find Mr. Brush not guilty, he said. you are in doubt about finding him guilty of first or second degree murder, that leaves you with first degree manslaughter. rebutted Mistachkin statement, saying couldn be more wrong. He trying to say Mr. Brush snapped. If he snapped, why were then three empty shells in the firearm after he shot it four times? Why did he stop shooting? It was all; controlled and deliberate. He was a trained police officer. After the shooting, he dropped to his knees and to the ground in approved arrest mode. He snapped? That ridiculous. is the evidence of Brush trauma? McClain continued. Tellefsen was wrong with some of her facts and relics of evidence from Mr. Brush, for example, that he was abused as a child. His intent is obvious. As for him having money problems, he had more than $10,000 in the bank and was expecting a million dollar tax return. He had no money troubles.
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A MAN has been charged with criminal damage after Newcastle United's ground was daubed with protest graffiti hours after the St James' Park signs were removed. On Thursday the letters were torn down following November's announcement of the name change to the Sports Direct Arena. With 170,115 average issue readers fake Cartier Pasha, this reach extends to 366 replica tag heuer Formula 1 Chronograph,753 weekly readers that's over 1/4 of adults in the area! The average time spent reading the Chronicle is 31 minutes; which shows the length of time that readers are engaging with the editorial and advertising content. 49,199 copies of the Chronicle are sold on average each day as it continues to be an integral part of the region. ABC Newcastle Chronicle 100% paid, Mon Sat breitling superocean 42 replica, JICREG, 1/10/2012 Audience figures from Omniture, monthly average (Jan Jun 2014). More than 1 in 3 ChronicleLive users have clicked through to an online advertisement replica cartier Tank Solo, demonstrating that our users are responsive and receptive to Internet advertising messages.
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Players have converged on Royal Liverpool for the Open Championship, the third major of the year. It's one of my favorite tournaments as I have been lucky enough to play in Scotland at the Old Course at St. Andrews, and all over Ireland as well. The links style of golf suits my game well, and makes for fun golf watching. Players will have to really stretch their minds to be creative if the wind is up at Royal Liverpool (also called Hoylake) as many holes run right along the ocean and can be beaten down by the elements. The last time the Open was at Hoylake was in 2006, an event won by Tiger Woods. The former No. 1 is back in the field having returned from injury at his event at Congressional. But can he win and defend his title from 2006? The favorite after winning back to back events that he entered, including the Quicken Loans at Congressional and then last week at the Scottish Open, has to be Justin Rose. Open at Merion in 2013. Rose is swinging superbly right how and seems to have full command of his game. As long as his putting remains solid he could become the first Englishman to win the Open since Sir Nick Faldo in 1992 replica cartier Ballon Bleu, and cement his place as one of the best in the World. THE DARK HORSE: Luke Donald It has been a disappointing career in majors for Luke Donald. The Englishman reached the rank of No. 1 for a brief period but never seemed comfortable there as his prowess in regular Tour events only placed an even larger spotlight on his difficulties in majors. Donald possesses one of the best swings in golf fake A.Lange & Sohne, but his game is a study in contradictions: a great iron player, but he can't hit the driver very far or particularly straight. Hopefully the changes he is making with his new coach, Chuck Cook, will begin to show. If he can take advantage of windy conditions and not have to hit a lot of drivers, it could be a big boost for him. Make no mistake, Donald possesses one of the best games in all of golf from 100 yards and in; so if he can get off the tee and in position well, watch out for a Major breakthrough. THE VETERAN: Ernie Els Picking Els doesn't seem like much of a stretch when you consider he has four major titles to his name including two Open Championships. While he is getting up there in age (44), Father Time has been good to "The Big Easy", as he still can easily hit it long enough to compete at the highest level. Els has the long game to compete, but can age and a sometimes shaky putter still hold up under the pressure? If Phil Mickelson's win last year proved anything it's that the older guys can still compete. So watch out for the South African this week in search of his fifth major title. Not many players in the game have a history of competing and winning on some of the toughest golf courses in the world like Ernie Els. THE TALENT: Gary Woodland If you have ever been to a Tour event and watched Gary Woodland you may have asked two questions: how does he hit it so far, and why hasn't he won more? The first question is that he has one of the most powerful and efficient swings in the game today, coupled with an incredibly athletic body that earned him a basketball scholarship in college. But the second question is a bit tougher. He has won twice on Tour but has struggled with consistency and controlling his length to make it work for him and translate into more birdies and less bogeys. Woodland has only played in the Open Championship twice, finishing an average of 32nd place the last two years. It is hard to deny his power and ability, so if he can find the fairway often and translate length into better scores, the 30 year old may surprise everyone and win the Claret Jug. THE LEGEND: Tiger Woods In my mind it doesn't matter how long he has been out or what adversity he has faced, Tiger Woods is a contender always. But this kind of golf course setting, where pure length with the driver isn't needed replica cartier Ballon Bleu, sets up better for Woods. In 2006, on a much, much dryer Hoylake replica breitling Avenger, Tiger dominated the field by hitting only one driver all week and putting his 2 iron in the fairway every hole. The dry conditions allowed him to play for position without needing to hit is Achilles' Heel, the driver. But Royal Liverpool is much greener this year so the question will be, can Tiger win if he has to hit driver more often? It's a difficult question to answer. But no one knows how to turn the Open Championship into a chess game around the course like Woods. Open. But if he struggles off the tee and can't find his swing he will still be looking up at Jack Nicklaus as the King of Major Titles.
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SAN BERNARDINO San Bernardino's top tourism official says there is an opportunity to leverage a lasting economic boon from the rave like concerts which have brought thousands to town. Decades ago, cities often were known for the type of manufacturing which happened inside their boundaries. "San Bernardino can manufacture entertainment," said Wayne Austin replica cartier Tank Solo, president and chief executive officer of the San Bernardino Convention Visitors Bureau. On Oct. 29, a concert at the National Orange Show Events Center drew 45 replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Chronograph,000. A similar event in late September drew 55,000. Austin said San Bernardino should attempt to harness the good will and positive image those thousands of visitors took with them when they returned home. Most of those attending those events were from outside the area, with Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties heavily represented. Phoenix, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay area also provided attendees in significant numbers, officials say. Austin recalled the magic of the Swing Auditorium, a venue at the NOS, which drew the Rolling Stones in 1964. That concert was the beginning of an almost two decade rock heyday at this San Bernardino venue which featured The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix breitling colt 44 replica, Janis Joplin, Elton John, three more appearances by the Rolling Stones and other big names of the era. A small airplane crashed into the popular music venue on Sept. 11, 1981, damaging it beyond repair. To tap the energy from these even larger music events, Austin said concerts of a different genre should be planned before and after, to piggyback the heightened name recognition of San Bernardino as an entertainment destination. "This is something we should at least be talking about," Austin said in an interview Austin said that San Bernardino hotel room occupancy soared from the Oct. 29 concert, registering 97.5 percent that night, up from 44.9 percent on the same night a year earlier. Riverside, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga hotel markets also showed significant occupancy increases, although not as dramatic replica omega Seamaster 300m, he said. An economic study found that a rave like concert slightly smaller than the Oct. 29 event provided a $6.5 million shot in the arm for the San Bernardino area economy. Austin said he is confident that the noise issues from the recent rave like events will be dealt with prior to the next one here, scheduled for March 17. And he recognizes that it might take time to develop the right strategy to harvest this heightened buzz about San Bernardino. Dan Jimenez, general manager of the NOS, said cementing a link between these large concerts and other events might be challenging. "We are always open to new ideas to help enhance the economic development of the area breitling colt 44 replica," he said. But the Insomniac events cater to a specific kind of electro music "that is the hotest in the industry," Jimenez said. Publicity surrounding these events are handled via an "underground" network, not via traditional marketing techniques. Other types of music won't match its drawing power, he said. Nevertheless, the economic success of the large concerts brought to the NOS by Insomniac Inc. will help fund planned improvements to a large, permanent structure called the Orange Pavilion, helping to turn it into an attractive entertainment venue which could accommodate between 4,000 and 5,000, Jimenez said. The redo would put the Orange Pavilion on equal footing with the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, he said. The NOS is not going to get into the promotion business, where it would assume the risk if ticket sales don't materialize, he said. And he noted that entertainment events, which in concept appear to be home runs, can have very different outcomes. For example, earlier this year, the operator of the NOS raceway scheduled several concerts Saturday nights after auto races and set the admission price at $15 for both events. Despite the bargain pricing, attendance at several of those events was "disheartening," he said. Both Jimenez and Austin spoke in terms of working up to a "mini" Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an event which drew 225,000 over the course of three days in April 2010. Austin said he recognizes that the group of young people who frequent Insomniac events, might not be drawn to other genres of music, although rock n' roll seems like it would have at least some appeal for them. "There is a heightened awareness of San Bernardino and we should capitalize on that," he said.
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National Guards shares 9 11 Memories with StudentsNational Guards shares 9 11 Memories with StudentsUpdated: Thursday, September 11 2014 11:41 PM EDT2014 09 12 03:41:22 GMTConference focuses on latest research for Parkinson's DiseaseConference focuses on latest research for Parkinson's DiseaseUpdated: Thursday, September 11 2014 10:37 PM EDT2014 09 12 02:37:36 GMTMembers of the Minot community who are affected by Parkinson's Disease came together today for an annual conference to learn more about the disease and the latest research and treatment options.Members of the Minot community who are affected by Parkinson's Disease came together today for an annual conference to learn more about the disease and the latest research and treatment options.National Guard hosts 9 11 Remembrance EventNational Guard hosts 9 11 Remembrance EventUpdated: Thursday, September 11 2014 10:35 PM EDT2014 09 12 02:35:31 GMTIn honor of 9 11 and those who lost their lives in the global war on terror, the national guard hosted a remembrance event in Bismarck tonight.In honor of 9 11 and those who lost their lives in the global war on terror, the national guard hosted a remembrance event in Bismarck tonight.Rabid Kitten Part of a Litter of Stray Kittens Found in MinotRabid Kitten Part of a Litter of Stray Kittens Found in MinotUpdated: Thursday fake Cartier Pasha, September 11 2014 10:12 PM EDT2014 09 12 02:12:26 GMTA rabid kitten purchased from Amy's Pet Parade store in Minot was from a stray litter, according to the Health Department.A rabid kitten purchased from Amy's Pet Parade store in Minot was from a stray litter, according to the Health Department.Attorney General Supports Robocall Blocking TechnologyAttorney General Supports Robocall Blocking TechnologyUpdated: Thursday fake hublot big bang uk fake Cartier Pasha, September 11 2014 7:40 PM EDT2014 09 11 23:40:27 GMTNorth Dakota has a no tolerance policy for telemarketers, but residents are still receiving those calls. The Attorney General is trying to stop mobile carriers from allowing these calls to go through.North Dakota has a no tolerance policy for telemarketers replica breitling Bentley 6.75, but residents are still receiving those calls. The Attorney General is trying to stop mobile carriers from allowing these calls to go through.
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Some 40 million years before rock and roll singer Jim Morrison's lyrics earned him the moniker "the Lizard King," an actual king lizard roamed the hot tropical forests of Southeast Asia replica breitling Bentley 6.75, competing with mammals for food and other resources. paleontologists, led by Jason Head of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, describes fossils of the giant lizard from Myanmar this week in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Their analysis shows that it is one of the biggest known lizards ever to have lived on land. At almost six feet long and weighing upwards of 60 pounds, the lizard provides new and important clues on the evolution of plant eating reptiles and their relationship to global climate and competition with mammals. In today's world, plant eating lizards like iguanas and agamids are much smaller than large mammal herbivores. The largest lizards, like the giant, carnivorous Komodo Dragon, are limited to islands that are light on mammal predators. It's not known, however, if lizards are limited in size by competition with mammals, or by temperatures of modern climates, Head said. But B. morrisoni lived in an ecosystem with a diversity of both herbivorous and carnivorous mammals during a warm age in the earth's history 36 to 40 million years ago when there was no ice at the poles and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were very high. The creature was larger than most of the mammals with which it lived fake hublot big bang uk, suggesting that competition or predation by mammals did not restrict its evolution into a giant. "We think the warm climate during that period of time allowed the evolution of a large body size and the ability of plant eating lizards to successfully compete in mammal faunas," Head said. "You can't fully understand the evolution of ecosystems in the modern world without looking at the ones that preceded them," he said. "We would've never known this by looking at lizards today. By going back in time using the fossil record, we can find unique information on the origin of modern ecosystems." Head worked with Patricia Holroyd of University of California at Berkeley, Gregg Gunnell of Duke University, and Russell Ciochon of the University of Iowa on identifying and analyzing B. morrisoni. It was a discovery millions of years and then a few extra decades in the making. Fossils of the giant lizard, which were originally found by Ciochon and colleagues in the 1970s in Myanmar, were unstudied in the University of California Museum of Paleontology until a few years ago, when Head and Holroyd began looking into them. When Head first examined the fossils fake Tag Heuer Monaco, he noticed the creature's bones were characteristic of a group of modern lizards that includes bearded dragons, chameleons and plant eaters like spiny tailed lizards. "I thought, 'That's neat. Based on its teeth, it's a plant eating lizard from a time period and a place from which we don't have a lot of information.' But when I started studying its modern relatives, I realized just how big this lizard was. It struck me that we had something here that was quite large, and quite unique," said Head, an assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at UNL and a curator in the University of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History's Division of Vertebrate Paleontology. He noticed another telltale sign ridges on the underside of the jaw that strongly suggested it supported soft tissues, much like the multicolored chin flaps and dewlaps that give some modern lizards a bearded appearance. The giant lizard's genus name, Barbaturex, means "bearded king." "I was listening to The Doors quite a bit during the research," Head said. "Some of their musical imagery includes reptiles and ancient places, and Jim Morrison was of course The Lizard King, so it all kind of came together." Head said the discovery of B. morrisoni now leads to other big questions: For how long do these giant lizards persist in the fossil record? How far and wide did they disperse across the planet? What are the relationships of the evolution of reptile body sizes to changes in global temperature throughout history? And the obvious question does a warming climate mean giant reptiles will someday return? He said if we were to raise global temperatures at a natural pace and preserve natural, healthy habitats, we could end up with the evolution of giant lizards, turtles, snakes and crocodiles. "But we're changing the atmosphere so fast that the rate of climate change is probably faster than most biological systems can adapt to. So instead of seeing the growth and spread of giant reptiles, what you might see is extinction replica cartier Ballon Bleu," he said. Meanwhile replica tag heuer Formula 1 Chronograph, the researchers will consider how the clues provided by B. morrisoni can be used to reconstruct global temperature over geologic time periods. "That becomes very important in modeling what temperature change will be like across the surface of the planet in the future," Head said. "And that, obviously, bears directly on our own health."
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The quirky sci fi comedy Little Shop of Horrors will be performed by North Lincoln High School students starting Thursday. The play, by Ken Hill, tells the story of a floral shop owner who gives up on his failing business in the impoverished town of Skid Row until his young male employee creates a new plant breed one that grows to unprecedented size by feeding on blood and people. However, in addition to a seemingly disturbing storyline, the play also incorporates humor to portray the sweet budding romance between floral shop co workers Seymour Krelborn and Audrey. While she's a troubled young girl stuck in an unhealthy, abusive relationship with her motorcycle riding boyfriend, Orin Scrivello, she continues to dream of a better life and romance with Seymour. Throughout the course of the play, a group of melodious, dancing women known as the Urchins take part in choreographed moves across the stage, singing about the story's opposing themes of love and horror, often urging Audrey to break it off with Orin and pursue her plant growing crush. While the original story contains just three Urchins, whom NLHS Drama Director Joanna Underwood likened to the legendary musical group The Supremes, she doubled the group to six. For Paschen, 17, who plays the part of Mr. Mushnik, the negative old shop owner he described as a grumpy money lover, the role is just one of many characters he's played throughout his years in the North Lincoln Drama Club. He previously took the stage in the school's fall production of Almost, Maine and last year's spring musical replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph, Oklahoma. like being someone who's completely different from myself replica tag heuer Carrera Calibre 16, Paschen said, step outside my comfort zone. Throughout the play replica breitling Superocean Chronograph II, Paschen's character turns greedy after watching the unique plant bring in fame and fortune for Seymour and the shop. He soon wants to adopt the botanist he once pulled from an area orphanage as a boy, ensuring him a future of increased sales and continued wealth. Knights senior Joey Nuhfer plays the part of Seymour the geeky shop worker, whose infatuation with Audrey is more than evident after he names the plant Audrey II. His desire for her and distaste for Orin only grows more prominent as the story progresses. Senior Gracie Lowman described Audrey as a woman who tries to make the most of her circumstances, dreaming of marrying Seymour and shacking up in a small house outside of town, complete with a 12 inch television, she tells the audience through song. While she falls for her co worker early on in the play, she continues to date Orin, whose fate, like most of the play's characters, proves tragic. Anna Crosby, who directed the play under Underwood, felt certain the play would entertain all who attend one of the four performances put on this month by the more than 50 member cast. though it's morbid, the teen said, still sweet and heartwarming. had the kids who were perfect for the roles, she said. The drama teacher was most excited about being able to use Catawba College's plant props for the set, which they built for their own production of Little Shop of Horrors in November.
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When it comes to creating chapati, it always informs of creating it typically in Indian, which has been an difficult and long procedure. Planning all the money and then pushing it is very difficult but then investing more here we are at food preparation Chapati on a hot green is really an distressing experience. The scenario becomes really crucial at locations where chapatis are required in large amount. With the progression in technological innovation, man power has decreased to a higher extent; the food market has found an substitute to generate Roti or chapatis in large amounts. The developing of Automatic Chapati Making Machine is really a great innovation and also the low Chapati Making Device Cost In Indian has made this machine available for everyone and has decreased the life of individuals in the kitchen.

With an automated chapati creating machine you will ignore the complications of creating chapati and will enjoy creating it. It is an electronically run automated machine which makes chapatis in big amounts in a lowest period of your energy and effort. This huge stainless-steel machine contains 2 parts- one aspect creating the money paintballs in equivalent dimension and another aspect clicks the money paintballs switching them into chapatis and then lastly food preparation them. Roughly 1000 chapatis are created by the roti creating machine in an time. Due to cost-effective Roti Making Device Cost In Indian different sections of community such as platform food preparation areas, assisted living facilities, hostels, huge commercial canteens and many more have started purchasing this machine that is assisting them at a higher level.

There are many benefits of Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine India . Its main benefit is that as in comparison to conventional way of creating roti the automated roti creating machine is completely sanitary. No human contact is required as the device does almost all the perform. Only an owner is required just to over look at the development procedure and observe the device studying. Another benefits is that all the chapatis will be of equivalent dimension and also equally cooked. The machine is set to a certain heat range that it makes all the chapatis in appropriate way from both ends. It is simply the cost-effective method of generating chapatis in variety without limiting on high quality.

The roti creating devices are developed to convenience perform, while still allowing individuals to make clean chapatis. If you think of purchasing this machine then you can perspective the Chapati Making Machine Cost on internet and then buy the top high quality machine from a well-known producer.

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