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Rau-Tech separates these "procedures" into two distinct services. The first service is Rau-Tech Duramantan, which is when you want entire surfaces coated, and Rau-Tech Colormantan is where they coat only parts of surfaces while leaving some of the base metal exposed. Duramantan allows for different colors to be used, but only one color per each entire surface. Colormantan is for the more creative customization and allows for much more unique creations. While the example images of best replica watches uk watches with the Colormantan treatment tends to show squared areas of color, in reality, there is no particular geometric or shape restrictions, and the client can opt for more or less what they want, if we understand Rau-Tech correctly. So why am I so excited by this? Well, for the longest time, PVD-style coatings have been limited to just a few dark colors - which are mostly black and gray. If you wanted a metal watch coated with another color, it would often need to be anodized aluminum, which is a rather soft metal and not as durable as steel. Of course, there are ceramic watches which are coming in an increasing variety of colors, but for the most part, entire ceramic cases are still mostly available in only black or white. While more interesting colors of ceramic including blue, brown, red, and orange are slowly becoming available, these are mostly limited to bezels and the colors are very difficult to get right. Thus, being able to offer a durable, high-quality case coloring process should be very useful to some people. The desire to customize watches is increasing, and I am happy to see that the colors available for metal case coating are increasing. Right now, Rau-Tech isn't able to offer all the colors of the rainbow, but much more than just black is available. Specifically, Rau-Tech coats are available in the following colors: black, blue, green, aubergine (eggplant purple), steel (color), bronze (color), and gold (color). According to Rau-Tech, they are working on additional colors, but this is a pretty good start. With these colors, the savvy customizer now has an entire new world of options to make Rolex Submariner replica uk and other high-end watches look interesting or completely weird. What is the Rau-Tech coating process? Well, the coatings are a form of PVD (physical vapor deposition) and are blasted to the surface of watches in a special chamber. They have to literally take apart the watches and coat each component individually - another element which adds considerably to the cost. Duramantan coated surfaces are said be about 2000 - 4000 vickers (HV) in hardness, which is much higher than steel. Thus, durability should be rather impressive, which means the color-coating is difficult to wear off. Each of these watches by Rau-Tech can be purchased but is also an example of what they can do. Some of these designs are beautiful and some are rather ugly. The idea is to show off what Rau-Tech can do, and for the right customers, a custom is an awesome thing. So how much does a custom Rolex or other watch from Rau-Tech cost? Each watch has a different price because the end cost is a result of the base watch plus the specific customization process. I can say that custom Rolex Submariner watches from Rau-Tech start at about 13,000 Euros and can go up to 20,000 Euros. Custom Rolex Daytona and GMT Master II models in gold cases cost about 33,000 - 36,000 Euros. Higher-end Rolex models in gold with diamonds, such as the Rolex Pearlmaster with Rau-Tech customization cost around 45,500 Euros. Each project is unique, which is exactly what Rau-Tech hopes to accomplish with the service. That is, to combine the appeal of popular watches such as Rolex, but to add an exclusive design element that the brand itself does not offer.
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Shall we not forget the orange version of the replica omega Seamaster 300m with the caliber 9300. A few years ago the orange Seamaster Planet Ocean chrono was one of the hottest watches around. Omega updated the look and offers a few upgrades as well over former models. I still love those "broadarrow" hands on the omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica models.More so than ever the Seamaster Planet Ocean feels like a high-end watch. Detailing is superb and everything seems to work as promised. I love how nicely the bracelet wraps around your wrist and the dial elements are crisp. Both the chronograph and three-hand models are water resistant to 600 meters, and have well-done AR coated sapphire crystals. They also have sapphire exhibition casebacks. While the chronograph is a cool range, my pick is the three-hander. Not that there is anything wrong with the chronograph, but I like the Speedmaster more for a chronograph model. For me a true diver is all about clarity and three hands. The with the caliber 8500 is just that. A great in-house automatic movement, super refined case and dial, and a nice large size. In titanium it is light and just a dream. While I typically choose black, the blue version is really well-done as well. New for 2011 is a rubber strap that is incredible. It looks like leather, but is rubber with an almost sparkly finish. The tactile experience is impressive, and wearing it is exactly what you want when using a rubber strap. This is one of the best out there and Omega does a great job integrating it with the case. I also love the new deployment clasp that hides the excess strap on the wrist side. Not sure on pricing yet, but they will all be under $10,000 of course. The Speedmaster with the 9300 was about 7,300 Swiss Francs, so you can expect the Seamaster chrono to be a bit more, and the three-hander to be a bit less. Everyone is eager to have all Liquidmetal dials. It will be a bit before Omega offers the full range with the great bezels, but they promise it is coming soon. With desirable movements and the high-performance features you expect from a Seamaster Planet Ocean, these new large watches do the collection proud and will find a happy place in most anyone's collection. Shall I not forget! There are also 42mm wide Seamaster Planet Ocean with the 8500 automatic movement, and 37.50mm wide version for the ladies with the older Omega Co-Axial 8250 or 8251 movements.
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The replica omega Seamaster 300m watch bezel rotates in both directions, and functions to assist with keeping track of north during certain periods of navigation, or helping you stay on a bearing. The bezel rotates smoothly, but a bit to easily in my opinion. I would have liked just the slightest bit more effort required to move bezel. A minor issue though. Before moving on to the many functions of the watch, I��d like to cover a few more important items about wearing the watch. The omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica is entirely crafted in titanium, which makes it very light. Titanium was an optional metal on some previous Seamaster watches, but for the United States, the is only available in titanium. The result is a watch that is light, and stronger than steel. Although the watch case is a bit over 43mm wide, with a 22mm wide bracelet, you barely know it is on your wrist. I actually think the leather or rubber strap models might be heavier than those with the titanium bracelet. Titanium has historically been very hard to machine with precision. You used to have titanium cases that where too rounded and lacked fine angles. That seems to have diminished in the last few years, the Omega Seamaster Expert being proof of that. The level of polish and alternating finish on the watch surfaces are impressive, and the finely cut or angled edges on this watch wouldn��t have been possible too long ago. The color of titanium is also improving a bit, offering more of a sheen, and less of a dull gray look. There are some downsides to titanium though, namely that it is easy to scratch. You��ll need to be OK with fine lines developing on any titanium watch. While the metal is stronger than steel, it does not deflect scratches as well. I take excellent care of my watches, but still notice wear showing up a bit faster (especially on the bracelet) of my Seamaster Expert. The bracelet itself features a nicely crafted locking clasp and a diver��s extension. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters, making it perfectly safe for diving. The bracelet is comfortable, though it took me a while to size it properly. I would have liked the underside of the broad case to be a bit more rounded, though this would have likely proved to be more effort for Omega than it might have been worth. The bracelet has links that are a bit more flexible than they look (a good thing), making it wrap around your wrist well. The links are attached via pins. Come to think of it I don��t think I know of many titanium bracelets that feature screwed links. This is probably the perfect watch to have a metal and alternative strap option for, as you want to protect the handsome bracelet if you are taking the watch along during a potentially high impact activity.
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