Tag Heuer Replica World Timer Watch Hands-On

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For 2013 http://www.modserap.com/tag-heuer-replica-australia-for-sale.html overhauls the Replica collection with a facelift that increases the size of the watch and brings the entire concept more into the brand's modern era. Compared to the existing Replica (world wide time control) collection, this modern incarnation of the classic is welcome, but we wouldn't strictly call it an upgrade so much as an evolution. It is more a revision that sits comfortably next to the previous replica watches models that came before. You could easily own either or both and be satisfied. Let's take a hands-on look. While the Replica collection used to live on its own, the 2013 version now exists in the "Traveller" collection of watches. Which for the time being also includes the attractive, but not exactly travel-oriented Traveller Moon Phase. We debuted the new Tag Heuer Traveller collection of watches here. The newest Replica is very much built on the original. To an extent, we are happy that rolex submariner replica employed the wisdom of "if it isn't broken don't fix it," so what you have is something a bit larger and more modern for the wrist. Tag Heuer Replica What hasn't changed about the Replica is the functionality. Actually, some previous versions of the Replica included just the time and world time disc without the chronograph. It looks as though for the time being, the Replica will be purely about combining a world time watch with a chronograph - which is probably for the better. Since Tag Heuer originally released the Replica there have been a great deal of world time watches that have come to market, which used to be dominated by high-end pieces such as the Patek Philippe World Time (like the 5130). Now many brands including IWC, Baume & Mercier, Ball, Alpina, Frederique Constant, and others have in-house movements or modules that offer world time discs. So, for Tag Heuer to focus on combining a world time complication with a chronograph creates a product with less competition. I have a feeling the Replica will incorporate both complications for the time being. It is possible that some of you aren't yet familiar with how these world time discs work. They are wonderfully simple. Like 24 hour GMT hands, they make one full revolution each 24 hours. The disc is color coded for AM and PM time as well. The key is the rotating city disc around periphery of the dial. The older Replica has a second crown to adjust this disc, but with the Replica, you use the main crown for all functions. When you travel, you set the disc to display the reference city for your local time at the top of the dial. You then simply follow the 24 hour disc to see the time in any other timezone. So in the above picture, if it is 10:06 AM in Puerto Rico, it would be 2:06 PM (14:06) in London. See how that works? You can see that Tag Heuer chose to use a more modern font for the cities in this new watch. How do you feel about it?