No More Worry about Fussy Teething Baby

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Dealing with fussy baby during their teething stage is surely not an easy thing. Sleepless nights, crying loudly and irritability are only few things happened to them. How to deal with this thing? Baby cries because they feel the pain. So, all parents need to do is to alleviate the pain to make the babies feel better.

Among many different kinds of teething solutions out there,  Baltic amber teething necklaces  and bracelets are definitely worthy to consider. It comes to be the effective as well as unique baby teething solution. It works not only as short term remedy, but long term pain relief which offer style and functionality at the same time. Is there something else more valuable than this? No, for sure.

The great concern to help parents to deal with their teething baby encourage us to bring Amber Buddy to your hand. Our highly skilled amber artisans have been working with amber for years and have been creating many beautiful designs which are not only helpful for teething baby, but also valuable for  Baltic amber  fashion jewelry lovers.

The artisans string Baltic amber beads very carefully to come up with the best quality jewellery products. Beads and color are carefully chosen, because every single work is masterpiece!

Amber Buddy is a part of Baltic amber long history. We are very proud to present beautiful necklaces and bracelets made of fossilized tree resin mined directly from Baltic Sea. As we know, amber has been widely known and used in Europe as teething natural pain relief for baby and the source of healing energy for adults since long time ago.

The tradition continues until now and we are happy to be a part of such eternal ancient culture. Our amber jewellery products range from amber teething bracelets to necklaces for babies. Since we are aware that moms love the beauty of amber too, thus we also create amber jewellery products for adults. There are various sizes, from standard to custom, from Classic Collection to Limited Edition.

Three Shades

Creating many different items to ensure customer’s shopping satisfaction has always been our passion. We try our best to bring various products in color, shape, design, size and shade. Our  Baltic amber beads  come in three different shades: polished (glossy), semi-polished (matte) and unpolished (raw). For shape, we have three cute options: Baroque, Round Flat and Olive.

Which one is the best? From benefit aspect, three of them offer the same great benefits. From style aspect, the answer fully depends on your need and personal preference.

Special for Amber Buddy Limited Edition series, we make only few stocks for each model. So, we can guarantee that what you would have got is the exclusive one, means that there are not more than 20 customers own the same model as you have worldwide. This is what we call as commitment in bringing the best shopping experience, not only  Baltic amber teething necklaces  and bracelets, but also amber jewellery items for adults.