Colorful Coatings For Most Metals Rau-Tech Custom Rolex

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Thus, being able to offer a durable, high-quality case coloring process should be very useful to some people. The desire to customize watches is increasing, and I am happy to see that the colors available for metal case coating are increasing. isn't able to offer all the colors of the rainbow, but much more than just black is available. Specifically, Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green coats are available in the following colors: black, blue, green, aubergine (eggplant purple), steel (color), bronze (color), and gold (color). According to Rau-Tech, they are working on additional colors, but this is a pretty good start. With these colors, the savvy customizer now has an entire new world of options to make Rolex and other high-end watches look interesting or completely weird. What is the Rolex Daytona Automatic Two Tone with White coating process? Well, the coatings are a form of PVD (physical vapor deposition) and are blasted to the surface of watches in a special chamber. They have to literally take apart the watches and coat each component individually - another element which adds considerably to the cost. Duramantan coated surfaces are said be about 2000 - 4000 vickers (HV) in hardness, which is much higher than steel. Thus, durability should be rather impressive, which means the color-coating is difficult to wear off. Each of these watches by Rau-Tech can be purchased but is also an example of what they can do. Some of these designs are beautiful and some are rather ugly. The idea is to show off what Rau-Tech can do, and for the right customers, a custom Rolex is an awesome thing. So how much does a custom Rolex or other watch from Rau-Tech cost? Each watch has a different price because the end cost is a result of the base watch plus the specific customization process. I can say that custom Rolex Submariner watches from Rau-Tech start at about 13,000 Euros and can go up to 20,000 Euros. Custom Rolex Daytona and GMT Master II models in gold cases cost about 33,000 - 36,000 Euros. Higher-end Rolex models in gold with diamonds, such as the Rolex Pearlmaster with Rau-Tech customization cost around 45,500 Euros. Each project is unique, which is exactly what Rau-Tech hopes to accomplish with the service. That is, to combine the appeal of popular watches such as Rolex, but to add an exclusive design element that the brand itself does not offer.