Chanel J12

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As watches start to be previewed for SIHH 2014, this show stealing piece from Chanel caused not just a stir, but a distinct chime at SIHH 2013. Almost a year has gone by and yet nothing can detract from its lustre. It’s called the replica Chanel watches, and it was crafted entirely in-house, including the Calibre 1290P, at the Chanel manufacture in La C?te-aux-Fées. The dazzlingly intricate looking movement involved a team of six engineers working full time for three years to bring it to fruition. Of all the complications considered to be important in the world of haute horology, the minute repeater brings with it some of the most difficult challenges in terms of engineering. Such challenges include, as the replica Chanel J12 Chromatic does, an automatic winding mechanism and, as in this case, a particularly lean and slimline design. A world record beating slimline design as a matter of fact.The elegant casing was crafted in Chanel’s workshops in Plan-Les-Oautes. The Emperador Coussin Automatic Minute Repeater,’s first ever Minute Repeater, sets a double record for slenderness in its category: 4.8 mm for its calibre, and 9.4 mm for the case. Not only that, the Calibre 1290P chimes with exceptional intensity, with no less than 64 decibels dedicated to an incredible pure and melodic sound. Chanel have invested hugely to develop watches with complications, and this minute repeater is the fourth of their complications. In the past 14 years Chanel has also created no less than 35 movements entirely in-house. Some of these include notable calibres like the 600P (the world’s thinnest hand-wound shaped tourbillon), 880P (ultra-thin automatic chronograph), 855P (ultra-thin automatic perpetual calendar) and 1270P (ultra-thin automatic tourbillon). Platinum was the metal of choice for the Calibre 1290P’s micro-rotor so as to ensure the best possible winding power while also ensuring minimal thickness. Beating at 21,600 vph and with a 40 hour power reserve, the movement boasts an ingenious hour jump at the end of the 59th minute so that the striking mechanism precisely indicates the time to the nearest second. For a full three years, watchmakers, case constructors and designers worked together at each stage of development, production, adjustment and finishing in order to give life to it. Each technical choice had an aesthetic impact, and vice versa. While each of the 145 parts composing the Chanel J12 has been trimmed to a size sometimes barely thicker than a hair’s breadth. Objective for Chanel : create optimal play between the fixed and mobile organs, while being careful to ensure that the later move freely and thus guarantee the smooth running of the mechanism.