Chanel J12 Watch

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We have to commend replica J12 38MM on once again giving the dial very nice proportions. The hands are all the right length and legibility is very high. The dial includes applied gold hour markers and a blued-steel chronograph seconds hand. Tiny hints of red add just a touch of classic sportiness. One thing we feel is missing on the dial is luminant. It is true that the standard J12 doesn't have lume either, but we feel that the inclusion of lume in some manner would have helped increase the "daily wear" versatility of the watch a lot. If you do however want some lume on a J12 then I recommend you look at the replica chanel watches Yacht Club Chronograph. It has virtually the same movement, but a larger 45mm wide case (that is available in titanium). In this 18k red gold case, Chanel offers the with either this "silver-plated" dial or a slate-colored dial. We prefer the lighter tone given that it feels more "classic." The watch is available with the same two dial colors in a steel case as well. The dial details are well done, but we've come to expect that from Chanel. Note the slightly recessed sub dials and beveled edge around the date window. These little elements are extremely important because these days it isn't enough to have a nice dial, but you have to have a multi-level dial. Even with applied hour markers, the dial would be too flat, so brands need to look for clever ways of adding depth to a dial, but not disturbing legibility or calling too much attention to the various layers on a dial. Over the case is a sapphire crystal meant to look like J12 acrylic crystals. This means that the top is mostly flat, but the edges are softly curved down. It does help make the watch look a bit more "classic," but still extremely modern when it comes to materials. While we like J12 watches, it is difficult to recommend J12 watches in a lot of instances because many of them simply were not made as well as watches today, this is especially the case when it comes to cases, crystals, and dials. Then again, new watches are often much more expensive. To many 'non watch' people, the J12 looks like an ordinary gold or steel watch with a conservative character. You can show them otherwise by turning the watch over and showing them the movement that is visible through the sapphire exhibition window. The movement in the J12 is great looking, but has a unique visual style that in our opinion sits somewhere between Swiss and German mechanical movements. That shouldn't be a surprise though as Chanel is located in Schaffhausen, which is in Switzerland, but near Germany. It is a unique location for Swiss watch making as most of the Swiss watch industry is located in the French, versus German-speaking parts of the country.