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I had made all the car rental bookings directly through the Omega website. While making the booking, I specifically requested for a free pick up service from our hotel in Auckland at 9am to take us to the car rental office. Once we reached Auckland, I called again the day before the rental began to re confirm our pick up from the hotel the next morning. The person at the Omega office in Auckland said that the car would arrive at our hotel by 9am the next morning, pick us up, bring us to the Omega office where we could pick up our rental car. The next morning Discount Replica Breitling Superocean Chronograph II watches Online Sale, there was no sign of the car. To cut a terribly painful, long story short, the car finally arrived at 11.30 am after we made 5 very expensive international calls from our roaming mobile phone to chase up Omega. The reason for the delay we were given was that the company was confused about our hotel address and went to another hotel with a similar name even though we had specifically given them our hotel address in writing through their website. I even had a print out of the confirmation e mail sent to me by Omega when I made the booking which contained our hotel address. What was worse was the treatment meted out to us by the staff and especially the manager (Ms. Nicola Golden) of Omega car rental in Auckland. They were consistently unprofessional, unhelpful and we didn receive an apology from anyone until we mentioned this fact when we got to their offices. On top of this, we were given a car that was in a terrible condition, very old rickety whose radio didn work. All in all it was a horrible experience and as a result of it we missed a tour we had booked later in the day in Waitomo (where we were driving to). I am doing a month in NZ shortly and came across replica Cartier Rotonde rentals as a result of reading lonely planet. Everything about them looked good until I started to look and question the small print in their insurance. So assuming you have an incident free trip then all is well and good but beware if you have an accident one you are not covered for 3rd party injury never mind your own injuries SEEING THIS is one of THE MAIN REASON FOR TAKING OUT CAR INSURANCE in most civilised countries in order to drive and know that any accidents you become involved in regardless of fault will not mean personal bankruptcy this is a glaring ommission. Apparently folk in NZ are not compelled by law to have car insurance in order to drive legally as is the case elsewhere!! Further even accidents are classified into there is a car accident for which you are not covered ie if u collide with another car you covered for damage to replica breitling watches uk car and the other person car (but not their injuries)however if u run off the road to avoid an obstacle cow, sheep, jaywalker or other car then you not covered wonderful eh!! I can also confirm this company do not answer their emails, routinely lie as to why that is and when you get them on the phone they consider anything over a 3 minute question session as to irksome to continue advise avoid like the plague they are sharks pretending to be dolphins why the hell lonely planet recommend them escapes me my search for a professional firm continues!! The glaring ommission Bugbear is you have put your mouth into gear before finding out the facts. I sure Bean(or someone else who knows more than me on these matters) will be along shortly to put you straight but you seem to be unaware that the reason you don need insurance for 3rd party or your own injury is because you are totally covered while in NZ by our ACC(Accident Compensation Corporation) All injury bills are paid by the New Zealand taxpayer, you cannot sue people in NZ(very civilised wouldn you say?). You take out car insurance to take care of damages to your vechile or the 3rd party car. Unfortunately 3rd party insurance is not compulsory in NZ so you could be hit by an unisured driver in which case your insurance company would chase the uninsured driver for the money. When I first should the title to this thread in the Index the first thing that went through my mind was "Another newbie having a crack at another business". I had this feeling because it it an all too often occurrence these days where the above happens. Sadly I was proved right. We are now in a he said she said situation and the only way of getting to the crux of the dispute is to spend time getting Omega to post their side of the matter and quite frankly it is not going to solve the matter as their point of view will be different in many aspects to the O/P. I have had a look at some of the points raised by the O/P. Their requirement to make expensive roaming telephone calls to contact the company. Not the company problem They have an 0800 International and local telephone number for the benefit of their customers. This is a FREE CALL and is quite plainly identified on their website. Lets get back to the attitude of the Company If what the O/P says is correct there is a need for their customer service to be improved. Having only heard the O/P view of the situation it is difficult to be objective in responding. The quality of the vehicle. Omega is not a 1st tier rental company and accordingly the quality of the cars will be of a lesser standard than one of the Internationals. The question must be asked if the vehicle was not up to standard why was it accepted or was the O/P more concerned about saving a few dollars a day than paying for a more upmarket car. I note from Omega website that their excess is only $1000 with a reduction to zero for an additional $10 per day. This must be one of the lowest in the industry. Perhaps it has something to do with the value of their fleet. I dont know. What I do know is that too many overseas tourists arrive after spending thousands of dollars getting here fake panerai uk, thousands of dollars in accomodation costs and try to save a few dollars a day in car rental costs by using 2nd and 3rd tier operators who by the very nature of their business dont keep their cars as well maintained as those who cahrge top rates. When there is a problem they bellyache on forums like this because the service is not up to the standard of the major companies. There is no such thing as a free lunch especially when dealing with vehicle rental companies. This and other forums are littered with complaints about rental car companies which are 2nd / 3rd/ flyby nighter companies. It is not surprising that few complaints are received from the International majors. If you try to cut corners in the vehicle rental business you run the risk of getting badly burned. I am sorry that the O/P had a bad experience but if they had really done their homework like they profess to have done they would have gone into this transaction aware of the risks. Many people using these types of operators have a trouble free experience replica ap watches uk, its when the brown stuff hits the fan is when you want the eztra quality and support the big boys offer. In response to Bugbear comments; Lonely Planet is not the definitive guide around the world to Car rental companies and one often has to query the quality of some of ther tourist information as well but that is another story. When one takes out a car rental there is built in insurance included in the rental fee but what varies is the amount of excess one pays. In NZ is varies from $1000 $3000 depending upon the company and whether or not another vehicle is involved. A claim for an accident where no other vehicle is involved generally has a higher excess because the insurance company has to rely on the hirers version of events and we know how honest car hirers are. With another vehicle involved there is a possibility that some of the costs may be recovered from the other party especially if it can be proved they were at fault. Most car rental companies have an option for a few dollars a day the excess on insurance can be reduced to zero or near zero. Insurance is a punt against something major happening and someone else paying for it. When taking out car rentals one has to weigh up the risks as to what level of insurance one takes. If you cut corners and take the risk on your hrad be it. Third party insurance, fully comprehensive insurance not an issue for rental companies. You bend the car no matter how, you pay, quite clear simple. Is $10 per day for 14 days worth the peace of mind of nothing to pay if I bend the car. No brainer in my view unless you have travel insurance which will cover your risk. Bugbear when you have a rental car you dont have to worry about whether or not the other guy has insurance, that the insurance companies problem not yours. If you have an injury accident you are covered by the NZ Accident Compensation Act which covers all accidents in NZ irrespective of whether you have been in the country 2 minutes of 50 years. We visited New Zealand twice in recent years and on both occasions used Omega Car Rental. We found the staff efficient and courteous both in airport and hotel pick ups. The cars we used while not of the Hertz or Budget standard were not the less first quality and we had no problems whatsoever. The money we saved using Omega enabled us to spend on other activities. Quin you did not advise that you are in fact Apex rentals which is a little naughty as you have a vested interest as you are a 2nd tier company and as such are not coming from a neutral and truly objective standpoint. I did check the RVA website and many of the majors and second tier companies are members of the Association. Many more are not and I did not find the company initially complained of on the list of members. I stand by my comments that there is greater risk when one starts using 2nd/3rd tier and flyby nighters than using the International majors. The complaints on this forum alone bear this out. It should not be construed that all 2nd / 3rd tier companies operate shonky businesses because most do not. 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