Bernie Is Back! Madoff's Rolex Red Submariner Hits eBay

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Remember Bernie Madoff? You better, because he was the engineer behind the the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever known. We're talking $18 billion, 11 federal crimes, and 150 years in prison. To describe the man as nefarious would be an understatement.Madoff loved his IB011012/B968-TT replica watches, and he had a substantial collection that ranged from modern day crap to some pretty nice Pateks and AP's, to even a few vintage Rolex pieces. We showed you a Rolex Rolex Submariner Automatic with Green that made its way to eBay rather quickly after the initial government-run auction of his property, remember MalibuSurferDude was trying to make some money on that buy? Well, now another Rolex has surfaced, and this time it's a good one - a Red Submariner from 1971. The watch will come the receipt showing that it was purchased at federal auction from the Madoff collection, and the watch is even engraved "Bernie L Madoff" on the caseback (we enhanced one of the ebay images below so you could see it better). The auction has over 6 days remaining and it is currently at just over $3,000. This is most certainly an interesting buy, and we'll be curious to see if someone really is willing to pay a premium for pugnacious provenance. Editor's Note: If you want to spend even more money on a Madoff watch, an early Rolex triple date chrono is currently being sold via US Marshall auction here, but it's already at $32,500 and you may want to examine this one closely (*cough* re-dial *cough*). If you know Hodinkee, you know that we have a particular fondness for the Rolex Explorer. In fact, we have profiled quite a few over the past few years including:Today we add to that list with an Explorer commemorating the successful 2007 season of Associazione Calcio Milan (or A.C. Milan), which included winning the FIFA Club World Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA Champions League. The watch features A.C. Milan’s white, red, and black badge printed on the dial near the 3 o’clock position. Only 150 of these watches were made and they feature a special engraving on the back showing the three trophies. The seller states that this particular one is new and includes the original 2008 box and warranty. This is a rare chance to own the watch given to a championship footie team, and it happens to be a Rolex in "like new" condition.